Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller Client Services
I grew up watching my mother working herself to the bone in the insurance industry and swore I wouldn’t follow in those footsteps. I think like many of us ‘children of the industry’ we watched our parents give passionately to an industry and couldn’t help but respect it. So I followed in her footsteps, began at Travelers Insurance typing up reimbursement checks, which then led to claims processing. I took an opportunity with a TPA and learned the self-insured benefits world quickly, moving from a claims processor to supervisory roles. I wanted to understand the entire business as I moved towards leadership, so I spent some time on the client management side, then back to claims and eventually VP of Operations for a very successful TPA. I was in New York at the time and was craving the sunshine, which landed me in Florida. In 2013 I was recruited by Continental Benefits to run the Customer Service team and quickly moved into expanded leadership roles and now oversee all operations for the company. As an independent TPA we are not beholden to the politics of a carrier or provider contracting, we can simply be the best stewards of our client’s dollar and do things the correct and logical way, a passion of mine.
Jeff Bernhard
Jeff Bernhard President
President, Continental Benefits
Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller Client Services
Vice President, Client Resolution
Kim Buck
Kim Buck Technology
Chief Information Officer
Tom Dameron
Tom Dameron Sales
Senior Vice President, Sales - Colorado
Art Baldwin
Art Baldwin Sales
Vice President, Sales - California
David Balinski
David Balinski Sales
Vice President, Sales - Pennsylvania
Kendrick Jackson
Kendrick Jackson Sales
Vice President, Sales - Texas
Steve Aspinall
Steve Aspinall Technology
Director, Information Technology
Dawn Deschene
Dawn Deschene Client Services
Director, Sales Support & Marketing