Jacqui Gannon
Jacqui Gannon Sales
I’ve always been inspired by Apple’s Think Differently campaign. I guess you can say I’m a rebel, a challenger of the status quo. As with many in our complicated healthcare industry I started as part of the machine, learning the ‘norm’ and educating myself on the business. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time on both the clinical and business side of healthcare, starting my career at the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia. There I found a passion for the business side. I joined on with Cigna, for an opportunity to learn the insurance side of the business, training in their sales academy and relocating to the sunshine state. At Cigna I used my passion for people to grow a new market segment and was thankful to be awarded the Up and Comer award at their annual conference.

I realized in my time at Cigna that this industry was huge and complex, so when the CEO of WellDyneRx approached me about moving to the pharmacy side of this business I jumped at the opportunity. I was drawn by WellDyne’s ‘bucking the trend’ philosophy and felt it would be a good fit for my approach. After much success at building the WellDyneRx brand in my territory, I was asked to re-engage my health benefits background and lead up sales in the southeast region for a new WellDyne company, Continental Benefits. I realized quickly that Continental Benefits is my home. The ‘think differently’ mentality is who I am and exactly what I’ve been seeking. We consider ourselves a Purple Cow in the industry; remarkable and different. As the industry changes so do the needs of employers, so the ability to think differently and bring creative solutions fuels my passions every day.
Jeff Bernhard
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President, Continental Benefits
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