Jeff Bernhard
Jeff Bernhard President
I spent over 20 years at Aetna building and leading teams that sell and service the largest employers in the United States. The experience I gained in these leadership roles was immense and most of all, fun. When the time came to embark on a new journey I had several carrier-based opportunities in front of me, but it didn’t feel right. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, well….you know what they say. When I’m not trying to fix healthcare in America, my passion is gardening. Much like the corporate world, cultivating, planting seeds and nurturing starts while keeping a close eye on a changing environment, generates a bountiful harvest. New approaches, new designs and sharing those findings with others are as beneficial in the corporate world as it is in gardening. My experience told me there had to be a better way. As President of Continental Benefits, I’m proud to be sowing the seeds of change in the healthcare industry. We started with building a strong and experienced team, as the foundation of an organization is its people. Utilizing combined experience and advancements in technology, we are attacking the changing environment with a different philosophy and approach. Dubbed by our partners and clients - a ‘Super-TPA’ - we are disrupting the market to provide sustainable programs for sophisticated large employers across the country. At Continental Benefits our goal is to create the paradigm shift in the Employer Sponsored Healthcare market, while significantly reducing health care spend and improving outcomes. We are welcoming Employers, and new members, every day that want to be a part of the revolution.
Jeff Bernhard
Jeff Bernhard President
President, Continental Benefits
Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller Client Services
Vice President, Client Resolution
Kim Buck
Kim Buck Technology
Chief Information Officer
Tom Dameron
Tom Dameron Sales
Senior Vice President, Sales - Colorado
Art Baldwin
Art Baldwin Sales
Vice President, Sales - California
David Balinski
David Balinski Sales
Vice President, Sales - Pennsylvania
Kendrick Jackson
Kendrick Jackson Sales
Vice President, Sales - Texas
Steve Aspinall
Steve Aspinall Technology
Director, Information Technology
Dawn Deschene
Dawn Deschene Client Services
Director, Sales Support & Marketing