Justin Curtis
Justin Curtis Client Services
As an adolescent I was fascinated with fixing cars. The challenge of identifying an issue and resolving it drives me. I believe this same drive led me to employee benefits with a desire to fix a broken system. Having supported and managed employee benefit plans since 1997, I’ve seen a variety of attempts to fix the system. From fleeting innovations to regulatory intervention, it seems we always end in the same place, rising costs. Over the last 15 years I’ve focused primarily on finding a truly sustainable solution. Helping several hospitals lay the groundwork for their Accountable Care programs and engaging employers directly in these models, I believe accountable payment reform is the only model to create sustainability. I left a national consulting firm to join Continental Benefits, as I recognize the value of independence and true technological flexibility. The time has come for a new era of employee benefits, one not clouded by hidden deals, but dominated by common sense. I look forward to this journey and creating a sustainable solution for my children and future generations.
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Justin Curtis
Justin Curtis Client Services
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