Kendrick Jackson
Kendrick Jackson Sales
I jumped into the healthcare market as a college intern at a Fortune 50 insurer. As a Texas native, we like things BIG and this was a BIG opportunity with a BIG company. I was fortunate enough to be hired right out of college and hit the ground running. Learning everything I could about the organization, I quickly moved into consulting and managing large, national employers. As I helped my clients navigate this crazy healthcare system, I began to see there had to be a better way. The time spent with this organization was invaluable, but it also made me see a BIGger picture. BIG isn’t always better. Along came Continental Benefits, a company truly dedicated to helping customers understand the twisted web of healthcare and committed to doing something different. Innovative and focused on achieving BIG savings, Continental Benefits fits me perfectly. The client first approach taps another BIG Texas quality, hospitality, one I had not seen in my career. Continental Benefits feels like home for me, as well as for my clients; it’s a great feeling to always put clients first. I’ve seen the darker side of healthcare and I know there is a better way. My favorite saying is “changing lives….one member at a time” and now I can live it. It’s not too BIG to Expect More, it’s the right thing to do.
Jeff Bernhard
Jeff Bernhard President
President, Continental Benefits
Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller Client Services
Vice President, Client Resolution
Kim Buck
Kim Buck Technology
Chief Information Officer
Tom Dameron
Tom Dameron Sales
Senior Vice President, Sales - Colorado
Art Baldwin
Art Baldwin Sales
Vice President, Sales - California
David Balinski
David Balinski Sales
Vice President, Sales - Pennsylvania
Kendrick Jackson
Kendrick Jackson Sales
Vice President, Sales - Texas
Steve Aspinall
Steve Aspinall Technology
Director, Information Technology
Dawn Deschene
Dawn Deschene Client Services
Director, Sales Support & Marketing