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Healthy Disruption

Data-driven, member-centered healthcare from the TPA that delivers proven high-value, high-quality health management.

Why Self-Fund

Self-funded companies typically see cost reductions when they choose Continental Benefits as their third-party administrator (TPA). Our intense focus on your company’s reduction of unnecessary tests and treatments, supported by positive, easy-to-follow health management programs helps ensure valued employees stay well.

Let’s see how we can work for you

How it Works

Call Continental Benefits

We will help you find the right healthcare provider based on location, participation and quality of care.  In addition, we will estimate your out-of-pocket expenses.

Schedule your appointment

If you need helping scheduling your appointment, let us know!  We’d be happy to help.


Remind the office staff to call Continental Benefits directly to verify coverage.  You’ll pay your deductible or copay at this time as well.

Receive Care

Get the quality care you need from your healthcare provider.


Continental Benefits will pay the provider bill when it is received.

When To Call

Call Continental Benefits if you receive a bill showing “Insurance Pending” or “final balance.” We will verify accuracy and what you should pay (if anything) or make a call to the provider to have the bill adjusted.


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