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How many times has a message just like this hit your inbox? “We’re here for you.” “We hope you’re doing well in these difficult times of COVID-19.” “We’re grateful for you.” “We’re all in this together.”

The words may sound redundant but let me assure you that when I say them now, they’re heartfelt – and more essential than ever before:

“We’re here for you”

We built Continental Benefits around the simple idea of putting people at the center of healthcare and giving them the advantage of innovative, data-driven programs proven to deliver high-value wellness and productivity. And when we say “people,” we mean you. We’ve set all our team members up with remote capabilities so that whether you’re a consultant, employer, employee or provider, when you call, we’ll answer and respond. This has always been our approach and with today’s healthcare and benefits changing on a day by day basis, it remains our promise to you.

“We hope you’re doing well in these difficult times of COVID-19.”

Understatement of the century. You didn’t sign on for today’s stressful and even terrifying circumstances. None of us did – whether we’re suddenly becoming homeschool teachers, finding new ways to keep businesses running, or simply keeping food on the table. At the same time, we are seeing examples of human spirit everywhere – from the vegetable gardens people are planting in their yards to songs sung from rooftop to rooftop.

I am very impressed by the CB team’s commitment. Our entire organization banded together and moved to a work-from-home status in under three days. This process took coordination, focus, and amazing teamwork. I am proud of their effort and resilience! We will continue to deliver excellent service under these difficult circumstances. However you are dealing with our current times, it is my dearest hope that you, too, are tapping into teamwork, family, personal strength, and doing well.

“We’re grateful for you.”

Of course, as always, we’re grateful for our relationship with you. More significantly, we are grateful for you – for your dedication to your families and your businesses, for your insistence on health for yourselves and your communities. And, if you are a healthcare provider or your work supports healthcare delivery, know that we see you – standing up for the health of your patients and your communities, literally putting your lives on the line every day. We are grateful for this most of all.

“We’re all in this together.”

COVID-19 isn’t something that we’re watching happen to other people in other places. We’re all dealing with the same stresses and pressures – personally and professionally. So, even as the data makes it increasingly clear that this pandemic will change the future of healthcare and health insurance, we are actively seeking ways to ensure that we continue to help you stay on top of health, wellness, cost control, and productivity – both today, and after the pandemic is behind us.

I invite you to connect with us anytime.

Warmest regards,

Betsy Knorr
CEO, Continental Benefits

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