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Data-driven, member-centered healthcare from the TPA that delivers proven high-value, high-quality health management

Healthy disruption means putting people at the forefront of healthcare management, rather than corporations, investors, or bureaucrats. In more direct terms, the Institute for Health Improvement’s Triple Aim initiative outlines three areas where health management must improve:

  • Population health
  • Per capita cost
  • Patient experience

Continental Benefits’ unique approach to self-funded health management disrupts the usual way that insurance works. As a result, we deliver on all three of the IHI’s goals.

For consultants, disruption means not the same old plan offerings but the flexibility to build custom-fit plans that save your clients money and reduce health care’s administrative burden for HR. You win new business and increase annual renewals through satisfied clients.

For employers, it means a smarter way to improve employee health and productivity while controlling healthcare costs.

For members, it means higher quality, more affordable care. It also means the support you need to get the attention you need with fewer administrative burdens.  So you can focus on getting and staying well.

Contact us today to learn more about how Continental Benefits’ healthy disruption benefits you and your organization. There’s a great story to share. We look forward to sharing it with you.

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