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We deliver results

Self-funded companies typically see cost reductions when they choose Continental Benefits as their third-party administrator (TPA). This intense focus on your company’s reduction of unnecessary tests and treatments, supported by positive, easy-to-follow health management programs help ensure valued employees stay well.


We’ve collected the right plans and programs for your organization, with configurability that no competitor can match.


We’re happy to show you the data, the context, and the results behind our programs and our decisions – proof that you’re receiving the best care and value for your expenditures.

Cost Containment

We do the hard work that unites the best providers and programs across hundreds of partners. This best-of-breed model means higher quality care because we don’t steer business to wholly owned subsidiaries like the major insurance companies do.

Straightforward, transparent operations

Our data-driven partnerships and programs give your company immediate visibility into recommendations and decisions. We feature access to applications and data – you see why we deliver results without having to become an insurance specialist or data scientist PhD.

We are your advocate

Our business model means that we succeed when your employees get and stay healthy. That’s why we see our members as partners, not statistics or profit centers. We do the hard work for you, finding the providers, facilities, and programs that deliver the best results without wasting your time or money. We reduce your risk exposure by aggressively challenging inappropriate or duplicate claims. And yes – we’ll intervene on your behalf when treatment or cost issues arrive, keeping the entire process as simple and transparent as possible.

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